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Where to buy best vehicle gps tracker

where can i buy a gps tracker for a car?There are currently two ways, one to buy at a local sales outlet and the other to buy online. Most people are more popular and buy online because the GPS tracker is cheaper.More people choose to go to Amazon online shopping. But I will choose to buy the company website, because it can really find the manufacturer, the price is cheap, and no platform fee.

How to buy best vehicle gps tracker?

1.Chose a free lifetime GPS Tracking platform.  APP: AI Tracker Demo Account: test111  Password:123456 .If you need to check the GPS Real-Time location, you need GPS platform support .
 Our YUEBIZ GPS Tracker, provide such platform for you . 

2.Accurate GPS Glogal Satellite positiong,rapid tracking and high precision.It can be positioned anywhere by platform and app anytime.There is no dead angle in all-round positioning tracking.
 It can be used for location tracking regardless of time,regardless of time.It is equipped with multiple sets of google map correction errors,and the operation is simple and easy to use.

3.Provide detailed and smooth'driving track playback.Keep three monthes data.During the playback data,you can check the speed,direction and moving&stop time.The playback is smooth and intuitive.

4.Android APP and IOS APP. Exclusive development of smart phone query software,just download and install on the mobile phone, you can query the location of the vehicle in real time,playback track,real-time tracking,support satellite map browsing,can make map browsing more realistic.

5.high-end positioning chip,best vehicle gps tracker chip is the core component. Fast,high sensitive and power-saving chip. Only need about 30 seconds from power on to do the positiong . 
Generally inferior products will use cheap and inferior chips.Such chip positioning is often inaccurate and the error is too large.

6.With memory intelligent electronic fence,intelligent automatic fortification can be SMS reminder.After the vehicle enters the fence,it will automatically enter the fortified state.After the vehicle is out of the fence,the owner's mobile phone will receive an alarm message prompt,and it will be permanently valid without repeated settings.