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Solar power TPMS-TP04- TP04

Product name : Solar power TPMS-TP04
Category :  TMPS
Product No. : TP04
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Features of Solar Power TPMS    

1.Rechargeable display, no need to connect with power supply, do not occupy the car cigarette lighter's position

2.DIY installation, external or internal valve cap sensor, wireless transmission technology

3.High definition colorful LCD display, simultaneously show 4 tires' pressure and temperature

4.Innovative technology, super long standby time, the display show the digits automatically during

driving, automatically enter power-saving mode when parking beyond half an hour

5.Wireless transmission design and randomly place the product

6.It will alert immediately when the tire's temperature or pressure under abnormal condition

7.Super long working life, quality assurance

8.Not necessory to change the sensor when rotating tire

9.Selectable pressure unit (PSI, BAR);

10.Configurable high/low pressure alert setting; Configurable high temperature alert setting


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