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Cigarrete Lighter TPMS-TP03- TP03

Product name : Cigarrete Lighter TPMS-TP03
Category :  TMPS
Product No. : TP03
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 Cigarette Plug Display TPMS Features       


1.Cigarette lighter plug display design, DIY easy installation.


2.Simultaneously show 4 tires' pressure and temperature.


3.Real-time monitor tires' pressure and temperature, ensuring driving safety.


4.It will alert immediately when low/high pressure and high temperature, ensuring driving safety.


5.Slow air leakage alarm in case of  tire puncture, promt the owner replacement of tires.


6.Selectable tire pressure unit: Psi and Bar.


7.White and black available.


8. Suggested Air Pressure range:

    2.20-2.30 Bar in Hot Summer

    2.40-2.60  Bar in Cold Winter


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