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Speed Governor SL002- SL002

Product name : Speed Governor SL002
Category :  Speed Governor
Product No. : SL002
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 Brief Introduction 

Speeding is the major cause of accidents in our roads  and we have to look for all possible ways in curbing this menace. 

Speed control is necessary to reduce accidents in the roads. Except that, we also need to know the details of the cars, like current location, speed, etc, and then when accident occur, we can offer help in time. 

Main Features ( SL002 ) 


1. Speed Limit Range: 10km/h-120km/h                                                            

2. Mileage record in PDF format ( It can calculate how many kilometers do the vehicles go every day )                                                                     

3. Can force to limit the speed intelligently, safe speed limit.                                                                                       

4. Automatic speed calibration or by remote calibrator.

5. Maximum pre-set speed can be set by administrator.                                                                                    

6. Can record the data between 72 to 360 working hours( speed record, longitude, latitude,strength of GPS signal,  year, month, day, hour, munite, second, the speed of vehicle)                                                           

7. Data export via USB port from the device                                                                               

8. Data retrieval of speed record from the device.                                                      

9. Can be directly on the software to see the tracking of speed,  and tracking playback can also be viewed on the Google map.                                                                          

10. Speed limit deviation: ± 2km/h                                                                  

11. Strong stability                                                                                                       

12. Easy to install                                                                                                  

13. Voltage: DC6V to DC 36V                                                                


15. Support either Mechanical or Electronic speed limit                           

16. Detector for installation. ( Using remote controller to test the installtion to see if it's installed correctly or not. )                                                         

17. Extension USB cable for each device ( It's much easier for policyman to download the data from devices.)                                   

18. NO need Smart CARD ( So there is no need for your clients to pay for sim charge monthly )  

Technical Parameters

1. Applicable environment temperature is from - 35 ℃ to 85℃

2. Applicable standard: Road of three level or above

3. Speed limit range:10-120 Km/h

4. Speed limit deviation:±1 Km/h

5. Ant-vibration performance metrics: Frequency 20 to 50 HZ , acceleration 1g

6. Electromagnetic Compatibility: voltage of anti-pulse reaches 4000V

7. Voltage: DC12-28V

8. Power: 5 w


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